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Theft & Fraud Investigation

There is little doubt that company theft & fraud has made white-collar crime the boom fraud of the 1990's, with a hundred fold increase over the last 20 years reported in the UK. It is widely suggested that Ireland has seen large increases in this type of crime also. A recent report in the UK indicated that out of two hundred of the largest publicly quoted Companies, at least one third had reported a fraud of £50K or more to the Authorities.

Official bodies such as the Gardai, due to lack of manpower and expertise, have insufficient resources to put into the investigation of commercial theft and fraud.

Company Theft and Fraud can manifest itself in a number of different categories.
A common problem encountered over the last few years is that of Company Employees, whether a Director, Manager, worker etc., is utilising Company time and / or assets to establish their own business with a subsequent loss of Clients and Income to the Employer. Foley & Associates can assertain & establish the detail of any such operation.

Another issue is employees taking advantage of what they regard as perks of the job. This contributes to unacceptable levels of theft and loss to the company's finances. This occurs in Hotels, Pubs, Shops, Factories, Warehouses, Offices, and Transport companies as well as in the Retail trade and Office environments. Foley & Associates will obtain a satisfactory and speedy conclusion to this expensive type of crime.


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